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Brix Wealth Management has multigenerational history—we first opened as the Tornberg Agency in 1988. After transitioning ownership to our current CEO in 2010, Hurley Financial Group was born. As the company grew, the decision to rebrand as Brix was intentional. As collectors and lovers of wine, the current team has always found the process of making wine analogous to the steps and strategies relevant in true financial planning. “Brix” refers to the ratio of sugar in grapes in a vineyard before harvest—a primary indicator of potential quality and balance in the final wine. Like the best vignerons (winegrowers), the most successful businesses must consider the implications of their decisions, early enough in the process, to drive the impact and results they desire. This is the bedrock of successful financial planning.

As a second-generation family business, we’ve expanded our focus from insurance consulting and personal lines coverage to full-service detailed financial planning for business owners. Our expertise includes the following designations: CLU®, ChFC®, ChSNC®, and CLTC. Beyond title qualifications, our team of advisors and professionals have developed the necessary professional relationships with business valuation experts, mergers and acquisitions teams, and the country’s foremost thought leaders in tax and estate issues, in order to best serve clients with both the guidance and scope of expertise they require.

Through strategic metrics and a simplified and elegant roadmap, our process is custom tailored to the businesses we work with to ensure the “decisions made in the vineyard”— are aligned with the end result our clients seek.

Our Team

Our highly-qualified team is ready to coach you towards your most critical financial goals. Get to know the people who will help you exit your life’s work, while maintaining your legacy.

Garrett Hurley

Chief Executive Officer

A lifelong learner and self-proclaimed entrepreneur, Garrett is committed to redefining financial planning for America’s most successful business owners. Garrett strives to create transparency and simplicity where ambiguity once stood. He fights the Wall Street establishment to show business owners and CEOs how to achieve their most critical goals and objectives. Garrett believes client objectives aren’t fulfilled through jargon and empty promises of “great customer service,” but through action and intention. He is passionate about the leadership, relationship and creativity his team brings to the most complex of family businesses and executives. Garrett’s commitment to comprehensive financial planning and objective advice, has led to Brix Wealth Management working with some of the country’s most visionary business owners.

In his personal life, Garrett collects wine and calories, and has long dreamed of opening his own restaurant concept. With his family, he has travelled to over 42 countries, usually indulging in the edible and potable treats the region has to offer. He is a reluctant marathoner (3x), slow triathlete (first half Ironman in 2017), petrified scuba diver, slow skier, and die-hard ice hockey player and fan (go Devils!). Believing balance is key in life— even for the most successful of business owners— he is dedicated to ensuring his clients, who become entrepreneurs to have work-life balance, stay accountable to that original intention.

He is currently launching Unnetwork, a start-up designed to reinvent traditional business networking, as well as the Brix Foundation, where he intends to foster a gourmet beverage concept hiring adults with intellectual and physical disabilities. One hundred percent of profits will go towards international efforts of promoting the livelihood of individuals with disabilities.

Having personally gone through a generational family business transfer, he is thrilled to dedicate his firm’s work to helping companies or individuals keep the business, or its realized value, in the family. Publishing his first book in mid-2017, “Getting out Gracefully”, Garrett feels lucky to be able to live and breathe his passion each day.
Licensed – CA, CT, DE, FL, MI, NJ, NY, PA, SC, VA, TX
Domiciled in New Jersey, CA insurance license #0H81660

“If things feel under control, you aren’t going fast enough”

Mario Andretti

Beverly Hurley

COO, Financial Services Representative

When one grows up on a small farm you learn how to work hard, pitch in wherever needed, nurture, and manage time effectively. Beverly Hurley taps into all of these skills in her role as Chief Operating Officer of Brix Wealth Management.

Beverly oversees internal operations emphasizing efficiency and accuracy on all fronts. Her experience successfully selling and serving protection products has given her hands-on knowledge of the client underwriting and policy placement process. She works with clients and prospects at each phase of Brix’s distinct five-step wealth management plan with a particular focus on executing the components of each plan and providing quality service and support throughout their relationship with Brix.

Beverly began her career working in the tax department of Greater Media. She later moved to Beatrice Foods where she handled tax reporting as well as the preparation of complex corporate tax returns. Beverly then went on to run her own book keeping business working closely with her business owner clients while raising her children.

Part of the multigenerational history that makes up Brix Wealth Management, Beverly currently serves the firm’s Chief Operations Officer, overseeing the administrative journey from prospect to client. She is as a primary resource for guiding clients through the account opening process and ensuring that they have the high-quality experience they deserve throughout their relationship with Brix.
Licensed – CT, FL, NJ, NY, PA, SC
Domiciled in New Jersey, CA insurance license #0H81660

“The most effective way to do it, is to do it.”

Amelia Earhart

Will Rosen

Registered Representative

Born and raised in Charleston, South Carolina, Will is dedicated to helping individuals and their businesses achieve their goals through comprehensive financial planning and education. While constantly furthering his own education, Will obtained an Advanced Degree in Financial Planning from New York University and  B.A. in Political Science from Trinity College. Early in his career Will achieved the Super Starter award for exceptional business development.

A lifelong athlete, he was an All New-England lacrosse player at St. George’s School and The Gunnery. He is now a struggling golfer and devoted fan of the Carolina Panthers. An adventure enthusiast, he spent six months attempting to surf while travelling between Australia, New Zealand, and Southeast Asia.

Will currently calls Manhattan home and enjoys working with clients all over the country to bring clarity and simplicity to their many complex financial needs.
Licensed in – PA, NJ, NY, SC

“It’s a funny thing, the more I practice the luckier I get.”

Arnold Palmer

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